Smast Bhartiya Party | Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Submitted by sandeepjangid on 08/19/11 19:50

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SBP is just not another political party working to gain power by any means to rule the people and fulfill selfish interests and ambitions. It is a movement to bring the change of how the future politics and politicians would be in this country.

We have seen enough of corrupt, inefficient, selfish, self centered, criminal leaders. We have lived through 60 plus years since independence but the common people are still living through the miseries of life. Our roads disappear on every onset of monsoon. Character of our leadership is at its lowest level. Corruption is rampant. Law and order situation is bad. We are not able to dispense justice swiftly. Our farmers are committing suicide. The gap between rich and poor is increasing. Our municipalities are unable to provide efficient services. Our youth does not get jobs. Politics based on caste-ism, religion-ism, regional-ism and nepotism is being practiced.
SBP is the party of the youth for the change.


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Sandeep Jangid
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W 6/5, DLF City Phase III, Gurgaon, Haryana, India