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Mayo Clinic's representative office in Dubai Healthcare City provides general information, appointment-scheduling assistance and medical services. Arabic-speaking staff are available to answer questions and facilitate communication with Mayo Clinic in the United States. Since April 2005, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist and team of support staff have been seeing patients with heart conditions seeking further evaluation, diagnosis. Patients who need more comprehensive care are easily referred to Mayo Clinic in the United States.Mayo Clinic, a leader in cardiology care and research, is now treating patients in Dubai. Since April 05, a full-time heart specialist and a team of support staff have been evaluating patients with known or suspected heart conditions who are seeking diagnosis, second opinion evaluation or follow-up care. Mayo Clinic Heart Specialists, Mayo Clinic cardiologist Youssef Maalouf, M.D., from Cardiovascular Diseases at Mayo Clinic in Rochester is treating patients full time


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